About First Cable Company
We are a business focused company operating on Russian market with the main profiles to professional cables, interconnectors and accessories for video, audio and multimedia applications; project’s design and installations.

A general objective of a new company – to support systems integrators with a complete range of products for successful installations at all levels of complexity. An evident responsibility of system integrator in front of a customer is well known on rapidly growing Russian market of professional equipment. Therefore only time and quality are the key success factors of any project. First Cable Company suggests to eliminate all the risks by providing a forehanding supply of quality materials directly to the objects of installations. The company believes that creating an open-ended platform for further innovation is consistent with the progressive culture of clients.

First Cable Company partners are the manufactures of high-technological products and well-known and trusted by major installing professionals all around a globe:

Klotz Leading international cable manufacture covering almost a full production line for audio-video and multimedia links
Conducfil Manufacture of specialized high quality cables for the most types of interface connections
TELDOR Cables & Systems Ltd. manufactures a wide range of wires and cables for telecommunications, electronics and electricity, and is a leader in the design and production of high data-rate Copper and Optical LAN cables, Industrial BUS, Instrumentation and Control cables.
Telegartner Manufacture of high frequency coaxial connectors for analogue and SDI/HDTV signals
Fischer Connectors - Triaxial connectors (1051) for TV camera control units and industrial needs
Amphenol Manufacture of wide range connectors for audio applications
Neutrik (Liechtehstein) Leading designer and supplier of professional entertainment audio, video, fiber optic and industrial connectors and interconnect systems.
Veam CannonITT Industries Leader in the design and manufacture of circular, filter and fiber optic connectors for the mass transit, military, industrial, entertainment and nuclear markets
Pinanson, S.L. contributed an improved experience to the installations and the most innovative equipment for Broadcast, Professional Sound, AV and Scenic Arts being specialists for Wiring, Connectivity and analogue & digital A/V interfaces
Lemo More than 55000 types of circular connector are considered the quality standard in the industry
Techflex Unique manufacture of expandable sleeving for cable’s and wire’s protection
Hannay Reels Designing and manufacturing company of durable metal reels of all types (hose, cable, storage) and for all industries
Schill Leading German manufacture of plastic and metal cable drums, cable rollers and hose drums
Rolls Audio electronics manufacturer specializing in interface accessories, mixers, amplifiers, signal processors and signal sources
Harting GmbH Development and production for industrial electronic connectors
Gefen Inc HDTV (DVI, HDMI, SDI), USB, PS/2, VGA extenders, switchers, converters, distribution amplifiers etc
Ten47 Inter-connect products. Connector ranges include Data, Signal, Power, Fibre Optic, High Voltage, High Current, Thermocouple, Coaxial, Twin axial and Hybrids
Boschma Cases Innovative transport cases for professional audio/video applications made from unbreakable polyethylene
Scolmore Group (British) Scolmore Group, since incorporation in 1989 in UK the company has become a sagnificant force in the electrical accessory market
  First Cable Company pleased to offer the products of above and many other brands both to systems integrators and all the professionals where the audiovisual technologies are concern.

Our address:
3, block 3, Sirenevyi Boulevard,
Moscow, 105122, Russian Federation
tel./fax : +7 (495) 600-6868
+7 (499) 367-7886

Open Hours: 10-00 – 19-00 daily (except Saturday and Sunday)

For any further questions or concerns please mail to info@1-cable.ru

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